Video Production Education Solutions

Produce morning announcement shows and more for your school

The Educator's Production Bundle offers all the components that you may need for your production. Whether you are a novice or a video production expert, we make it easy for you by  taking the guess work out of your equipment workflow. Every video component in this bundle is designed to work together seamlessly, and even if you need to troubleshoot, you only have one company to call.

The Educator's Production Bundle comes in the form of two packages: Educator's Production Bundle 1 and 2, or EPB-1000 or EPB-2000, respectively. EPB-1000 comes with a bundled workflow without cameras, for schools that already have their own. EPB-2000 is a complete bundle with the addition of 2 robotic Datavideo cameras and a controller. To see what's included in each bundle, click the thumbnails below.

Education Production Bundle 1
Education Production Bundle 2

In addition to all the necessary equipment and cables, we also included a Video Production Teaching Guide, which will maximize your usage of all the equipment that comes in the bundle. The Teaching Guide explains how to use the equipment and the Activity Book offers various video production ideas. We also have tutorial videos that show how to use our products.  We thought of every detail, so you don't have to.

Click here to download a PDF of Chapter 1 of the Teacher's Guide


Educator's Production Bundle 1 (EPB-1000) (Details, Diagram, Workflow) - For schools that already have their own cameras

Educator's Production Bundle 2 (EPB-2000) (Details, Diagram, Workflow) - Everything needed to produce school production shows