School Sports Production Bundle

A video solution with replay for any sized sporting event

More and more schools are looking for ways to broadcast/stream their sporting events. Datavideo offers an easy-to-use production solution at an affordable price. Datavideo's portable HS-1200 is a 6-input switcher that allows fast setup with broadcast results. Add instant replay by connecting multiple HDR-10 units to your switcher. Also, if you add the RMC-400 controller, you will have instant replay with slow motion and up to 4 different camera angles.  Easily mark your in and out points using the jog shuttle dial to create a highlight clip, and press one button to replay. You can use the T-bar to control the speed.  Since you can connect multiple HDR-10s to the RMC-400, you can start off with 1-2 channels and expand to 4 for bigger productions.

A Sports Workflow can Include:

  • HS-1200 Portable Production Studio
  • HDR-10A Replay Recorders
  • RMC-400 Controller (for HDR-10A)
  • NVS-25 Streaming Encoder
  • HRS-30 Recorder
  • TC-200 Title Creator (with CG-200)
  • DVS-100P Streaming Solution

Add a Replay Kit

Use the School Sports Production Bundle with a Datavideo Instant Replay Kit to add up to 4 channels of instant replay to your production.