KMU-100 Production Bundle

Multiple angles from a single 4K camera in workflows for all broadcast sizes

Datavideo has a solution that saves you time and money. The KMU-100 is a unique solution that allows you to utilize your 4K camera in your production, acting as bridge from your camera to your broadcast production switcher. You can connect one 4K camera (UHD through HDMI or 12G) to your KMU-100 and turn them into four virtual HD camera outputs, which you can reposition, pan, tilt, and zoom in real time. You can select areas of interest within a 4K frame to create independent, high quality outputs.

The optional RMC-180 controller can be used with the KMU-100 for much easier operation. You can now have presets of the camera angles and use the joystick to frame your shot or follow the action of your subject.


A workflow for an interview panel can include:

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A workflow for a large concert can include:

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